Please read! Fellow Peeps,

Big shout out to Wes Francis, instructor CEO at First Shot Hand Gun Training. I finally decided to get my Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit and took the course from Wes at "First Shot" Wes a veteran of 10 years and a retired police officer from Lyon county of well over 20 years was a great instructor. I highly recommend Wes if you are considering using a hand gun for self defense! Wes is very knowledgeable and can train you to your full potential. Protecting yourself and or your family is your right and trusting in Wes you will do it right! Thank you Wes for the amazing class and the training! God Bless!

Steven Jackson

Thank you Wes for the CCW class/instruction today. I had a great time and look forward to taking another class soon 


Dayton, Nevada


   I wanted to thank you for having the Handgun Marksmanship class that I attended. The class paid off! We went to the range today for my new job and we were issued Smith & Wesson M&P 40s. I had not shot the gun before and at first, I had forgotten my stance but not all the rest of what you taught. When I applied the stance, I was able to hit with silver dollar size holes in the target. With 9 of us shooting, we shot about 2500 rounds. Just wanted to thank you for the class! 

Rick, Retired

30 years Law Enforcement


Thanks again and great course today!


Gardnerville, Nevada

Attended your class this past Saturday and just wanted to say "thanks".  I have to say after weapons training in the service for 20 years, 11 years of which were Security Police weapons training, and CCW training in South Carolina your class was by far the best!  My wife kept remarking on the way home about how you got her thinking about CCW carry in a different way.  At least now she seems to understand some of the stuff I've been saying all these years, it's no longer just "paranoia" on my part.  

Thanks again, look forward to next class with you.


Minden, NV

Thanks Wes Francis, the CCW class was amazing. I feel so much more confident and shot a revolver, 9 mm, a 40 and a 45 on Sunday. I haven't found a gun I don't like yet. All the guys I was with said I was the first woman they had met that did not lean back when she was shooting... they were all impressed. I gave you all the credit and they said the CCW class they went to did not teach half as much as you did.


Carson City, Nevada

Had a great experience with Wes (the instructor ) he was funny and informative and very well trained and you made the time fly I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get their CCW

Ryan, USMC

Firearms Instructor

 I discovered First Shot Nevada and Wes Francis while looking for a course that would meet the training qualifications for a Nevada non-resident CCW permit. I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am to have taken Mr. Francis’ course and how impressed I am with his knowledge, qualifications, and approach to the serious subject of self-defense with a firearm. 

As someone with 36+ hours of California CCW training and who has graduated from basic and advanced firearms training courses at well-known facilities, I was ecstatic to be trained in a way that was practical, highly educational, and entertaining.  For the first time ever, I was in a classroom setting that I looked forward to coming back to after breaks!  Even the usually boring qualification strings were an opportunity for a skills improvement exercise and not just a “shoot ‘em and count ‘em” session. Wes Francis is a consummate professional who’s qualifications speak for themselves.  He is a serious and yet completely approachable instructor who is able to make learning comfortable, easy, and fun without sacrificing any level of safety or opportunities to help the student improve.   

First Shot Nevada and Wes Francis are now my first choice for all my future training and firearms education needs.
Thank you again! 
Regards, Jeff Garcia


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