Handgun Marksmanship

4 hour classroom

Want to learn the fundamentals of marksmanship that help you hit your mark with the First Shot? This class is for the person that has some handgun shooting skills but seeks professional guidance/training. Here we will show you valuable skills necessary for you to become a consistently accurate shooter. You will be introduced to the 5 step draw, proper stance, trigger control and many of those "little things" that make a BIG difference in your marksmanship. You will go home with the understanding of what you need to practice in order to keep your marksmanship at its best. This class is very hands on and will involve "dry fire" drills that will start you on your way to building muscle memory.

4 hour Handgun Marksmanship course - $150.00 per person

2 person minimum or $300 fee required to book a training date

Introduction to Shooting Handguns

4 hour classroom

This is a basic handgun introduction course designed for those of all ages. You will learn the basic parts, operation and function of both semi-auto and revolvers. Learn to safely handle, load, unload, disassemble, assemble, clean and care for your handgun. For those that have a basic understanding or none at all, this class is invaluable for the beginning handgun enthusiast. You will no longer have a reason to be "afraid" to handle a handgun again. At the end of the day you will be able to load, fire, unload, disassemble, clean and reassemble your handgun all with confidence! Depending on class size and experience, this class lasts approximately 4 hours.

4 hour Intro to Shooting - $150.00 per person

2 person minimum or $300 private session fee required to book a training date

Training Available

Concealed Carry

8 hour required certification

This is the class you need if you want to apply for your Nevada Concealed Carry Permit, Resident or Non-Resident. Course material is set forth by the Nevada Sheriff and Chiefs Association. There is approximately 6 hours of classroom covering State Law, safe gun handling, care and maintenance, methods of carry, shooting techniques and much more. After classroom and written test, you will go to the range where you must shoot a 30 round course of fire from 3, 5 and 7 yards with a minimum 70% to pass.  Minimum age to obtain a Nevada CCW is 21 years.

We also offer a 4 hour CCW Recertification course which consist of Legal updates and a 30 round qualification shoot.

8 hour CCW Certification - $110.00 per person

4 hour CCW Re-certification - $85.00 per person

Advanced Handgun

4 - 6 hour classroom/range

When you are serious about handling your handgun in stress situations and being able to safely and accurately deploy it in any environment or situation, this class is for you! Here, you will review the Handgun Marksmanship skills through dry fire drills then move on to clearing jams, tactical and emergency reloads and shooting and reloading on the move. You will also be introduced to shooting from various positions. Proof of a basic handgun skills course or attendance of our Handgun Marksmanship course is required prior to attending this training. This is a very hands on course and can be physically demanding. Up to 200 rounds may be needed for this course.

4 - 6 hour Advanced Handgun skills - $200.00 per person

2 Person minimum or $400 private session fee required to book a training date

** Cancellation policy**

Cancellations may be rescheduled for upcoming courses. No cash refunds are offered. All sales are final, courses are held rain or shine (the bad guys don't stay home because the weather is bad)

H.R. 218, the “Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act”

If you are in need of your initial or annual H.R. 218 LEOSA qualification, you have found the place to go! We have the form you need, just sign up here for a qualification shoot then let us know which date you would like to qualify. You can come out and shoot your qualification during the range portion of ANY of our scheduled classes. Other dates or group shoots are available upon request. All you need is a handgun, $25.00 and 36 rounds of ammo

Custom or Group Training

First Shot offers both custom and group training to interested parties. Group rates and private classes are available for groups of 4 or more. Contact First Shot with your requests for further information. wes@firstshotnevada.com or 775-500-1119